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Journey into a whole different world…

of life in the First Century.

     I asked a soldier, “What’s going on here? Who is this man, and what has He done?”

He looked at me sternly. “Haven’t you heard?! He’s Jesus of Nazareth who claims to be the Son of God.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. The man carrying the cross did not look anything like the Jesus that I knew!

     Before I could think it through, I opened my mouth.
“I know Him! He’s a great teacher. He has inspired a lot of people, and they say He has a special anointing from God to heal the sick and even raise the dead.”

The soldier shouted, as he turned away. “He’s a liar, and a criminal!”

     I was overwhelmed. What is happening here? I could almost feel the injustice and the evil of what they were going to do. My head was throbbing trying to take it all in, but I knew I had to do… something!

     I ran after the soldier and pleaded, “You have to stop this! It isn’t right. You are all making a terrible mistake.”

He spun around to face me with anger in his eyes. “Who are you to accuse me? You must be one of His followers. We know what to do with you!”

He turned to a subordinate and barked out an order, “Get another cross!"

And so begins a life-changing journey for Anthony as he learns what it means to be crucified with Jesus. Do we really understand all that happened in those six crucial hours that Jesus hung on the cross? Six hours that changed the course of history. But what if we were crucified that day with Him, the day that changed the world?

How long does it take to change one’s life?

    Perhaps only six hours.

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